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Tips For Marketing Your Business With Other Business

BY Rebecca | 30 July, 2016 | no comments

While you’re not going to reach out to a competitor and ask them if you can leave business cards on their counter, there are ways that businesses can work together. In fact, businesses of all kinds have been working together for years in some form or another. When you need office supplies you don’t make them magically appear out of thin air, do you?

So, when it comes to marketing with other businesses, you need to do it, but you need to know how to do it. Here are some tips.

Get Talked About Online

Whether you are getting guest blogs posted, posting them in return, or simply getting coverage by local or business magazines and/or newspapers, you need to get your name out there in as many places as possible. Take some time to do a little research online and find websites that allow guest posts from businesses. Again, don’t reach out to your competitors!

If you are just launching your businesses, or have a new product or service just becoming available, reach out to papers to find out if they’ll do some coverage on your business. This is a great way to promote and market locally and beyond. People like to check out businesses they read about in their favorite papers.

Swap Business Cards

Get your business cards out there. The whole purpose of them is to let people know you’re all about business. Talk to local businesses about leaving your business cards on their counters, or simply hand them off to people.

You can do the same thing with brochures. Look into businesses that can use your services, don’t offer what you offer to their clients, and can mesh well with you.

Use Some Signage

You’ve seen signs in people’s yards for roofing companies and lawn care companies when they’ve been getting work done by said companies. You too can do this. Signage is a great way to get the word out on your business, and happy customers will be happy to place your signs in their yards, as will happy businesses that you’ve worked with.

Flyers are just as good too, and are somewhat less used these days for some reason. Make a simple flyer and hang it up at the grocery store. Pass them out when you are walking down the street, Make sure that you know city ordinances before you leave them on people’s cars or staple them to poles.

While it can be easy to stick with online marketing, it’s also important to remember that local and in person marketing is just as important. Yes, you do want to use online marketing in every capacity, get in some footwork too!


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