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Top Advice for Getting a Job You Actually Want

BY Rebecca | 13 October, 2015 | no comments

Looking for work can be extremely stressful. It’s even more so if you’re currently unemployed or you hate your job. You can get desperate and apply for everything, even if you’re under or overqualified. But you shouldn’t have to settle for any old job just to make a living. If you have your heart set on a position in a particular field that will make use of your skills, that’s what you should be applying for. It’s not easy trying to get the job of your dreams, and nor is it always possible. But you can make sure you’re moving the right direction by using these tips to find a job you’ll enjoy.

Set Up Job Alerts

Trying to complete a job application at the last minute isn’t fun. You need it to be incredible so that the recruiters take notice of you. However, that’s difficult to do if the deadline’s at midnight on the same day you discover the listing at 11 pm. Getting your application in early may not always benefit you, but it will give you more time to work on it. Plus, there can be a risk of applications closing early if there are too many applicants. If you want to know about new listings straight away, you can set up alerts that go to your email. You can do this on job websites, as well as setting up a Google Alert for your chosen phrase.

Use Specialist Recruiters

There are so many different places to look for work that you could be missing some by looking in the wrong places. If you’re looking for a role in a particular field, it may be better for you to use specialised sites. Instead of using generic websites, use recruiters that have experience in your field. To find out how to find an accounting or financing job, you can read more about it and submit your details. You don’t have to wait for a job to come along, as you can send your CV to a recruitment agency for them to keep on file. They may put you forward for a position or contact you about a new job listing.

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Tailor Your Applications

Finding the right positions can seem like a breeze when compared to sending applications. Many people make the mistake of having one CV and cover letter and simple inputting the title of the role and company in the right places. While you can have a template for your CV and cover letter, you need to put some work into tweaking them for each role. Every time you apply for a position, you should adjust your templates to reflect the company and the role that you’re applying for. This should involve more than simply changing a few words. You need to focus on the company’s values and what they’re looking for in a candidate.

Remember that the application process doesn’t end once you’re offered an interview. Although you’re one step closer to a job, you still need to perfect your interview technique.


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