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Unusual things to consider concerning your international business translation

BY Rebecca | 13 November, 2014 | no comments

In order for many businesses to expand and develop it is essential that they broaden their client base. As you may know there are many ways which this can be achieved but the best route is to become accessible to other markets and countries.


Going global is highly important and the revenue that can come from conducting international business can be hugely significant. Aside from breaking through any legal barriers that may delay your ability to trade overseas, or issues such as shipment and processing payments the largest single obstacle is communication and the language barrier.


With this in mind looking at how you go about sourcing your translation and interpretation services is of vital importance, setting up in house can rely on large investments, the recruitment of linguists and a lot of internal man hours. By choosing to work with a language solution agency like London Translations you can be sure of quick, accurate translations in any language so that your business can remain at full capacity and that any overseas business can be conducted smoothly and professionally.


When it comes to making your company stand out in the marketplace and being more productive there are some factors that are essential.


Here are the top 3 ways to use a translation company to promote your business in an international market:


1. Multilingual Website – By having either the option for an individual to change the language of your company website or by setting up a carbon copy of the site in another language, you are expanding your readership quickly and easily. A site that is in the native tongue of the reader will make the whole process more enjoyable and also more beneficial to you. The reader will be able to understand who you are and what you do, they will also have access to any further information that they require.


language change


2. Social Media – Opening up social media channels for your business is vital, for many businesses it is seen as a necessity. With this in mind why not create accounts to deal with those speaking other languages or to target those in the countries or areas in which you wish to expand. One of the most notable examples of this was where a Premier League football club opened 10 new Twitter accounts in Asian languages such as Mandarin Chinese and Bangladeshi, over a period of 24 hours they obtained in excess of 25,000 followers and formed a source of global outreach extremely fast.


business cards


3. Business Cards – If your website and social media outlets are the first and second stages of your international portfolio then the staff that you employ are third. These client facing individuals can have their business cards translated which not only offers the personal touch but also make further contact easier. If the members of your staff do not speak certain languages then it is possible that a translator will be present either provided by you, the client or privately. Having contact details to pass on, in a format that suits the client is always a positive.


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