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How To Use Your Blog And Website As A Marketing Tool

BY Rebecca | 7 March, 2016 | no comments

You already know that the point of your website is to let people know about you and your business, and you know that having a blog is an important marketing tool for your business. But, do you know what you should be doing with these two things to make sure that they are actually doing their job? If you just post on your blog once a month, and your website is a one-page, you are missing the point.

It’s not enough to just have a website and a blog. You need to make sure that you are using them, and that you are using them in a way that will attract and convert people into customers. If you’re not sure how to do that, here are some tips to get you started.

Tell Your Story

Make your about page more than just a dull telling of what your business does and who does it for you. Instead, use this page to actually tell your story. Make it fun, colorful, and interesting. People like to know how a business started with nothing and grew into some big and amazing.

People like to hear about underdogs and about success stories. Tell them about the charities your business works with, or about the person that was homeless when they got a job at your business and now they have a nice home and a pool in their backyard.

Show Your Expertise

Your about page is the place to sell people on your business and what you are all about. Your blog, on the other hand, is the place to show them that you are an expert in your field. Do that by posting content that relates to your business, but isn’t just a self-promotional advertising.

Make sure that your posts are well researched and intelligent sounding. Use keywords that are honest and attract people to what your article is actually about. You should also include linksto other reputable sites where they can learn more on the subject at hand.

Use Newsletters

Newsletters are also a good marketing tool, and you can easily set up a sign up form on your website to make sure that only interested parties are getting your newsletter. Don’t spam them with numerous letters a month. One is plenty.

Use your newsletter to highlight the best blog posts for that month. Share sales and even anecdotes with your readers as well. You want to share things that will bring them back to your website and blog, and hopefully make them want to buy.

It’s not difficult to market a business online with just a few simple tools. Throw in some social media accounts and you’ll be on the way to success.


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