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Using Social Media As A Key Marketing Tool

BY Rebecca | 7 September, 2015 | no comments

There are many reasons for businesses to use social media to promote and market, but with so many different social media sites popping up how do you know which ones you should be on? There are some social media sites that can do more for businesses than others, so it helps to know which ones you can get the most out of as a business or entrepreneur.

First, it helps to know why you should be using social media. It both increases brand loyalty and brand recognition. By using social media to direct people to your business it often gives you a better chance of them turning into a sale or a repeat customer. Social media also offers you an easier place to communicate with your customers and future customers, on an even playing field.



Twitter is one of the most used social media sites. While it gives you a limited amount of words you can post, it’s still a great place to gain followers. Use Twitter to let followers know about different things your company is doing throughout the day and the week.

It’s also a great outlet to share links to new blog posts, and even a way to give your customers discount codes for shopping online.


Facebook is one of the easiest social media sites to use in order to engage your customers. Facebook allows you to post a combination of things, from videos to pictures and status updates to blog links.

The most important thing about your Facebook business page is that you need to make sure people are being engaged or your posts won’t show up on all of your follower’s pages. They need to like, share and comment on those posts. That means you need to share info that makes them want to like, share and comment!


LinkedIN is a great social media source for B2B and for looking for new employees. It won’t do as much for picking up new customers and clients, but it definitely offers some great business strategy that should be part of your ongoing marketing plan.

Instagram And YouTube

If you are going to use one of these you may as well use the other. Instagram is growing in popularity, mostly because people love to take pictures of their food. It offers somewhat the same reach as Twitter. Instead of words you attract followers through pictures of your products and other stuff.

YouTube isn’t just for aspiring makeup artists and DIYers, it’s also great to show what your business does, or what they offer. It’s also great for making some free commercials.


Pin daily, or multiple times a day. Great way to share your items on your website or blog posts. This social media site works with the photos on pages. Even home businesses selling art on Etsy can share their items for sale through boards on Pinterest. The, if you’re lucky people with re-pin them!

Keep your social media accounts up-to-date, and make sure to always reply to comments in a timely manner. Make social media work for you and you will be amazed at the response your business gets.


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