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Want To Create The Perfect Layout For Your New Office Building? Find Out Here!

BY Rebecca | 18 January, 2015 | no comments

Moving into a new office building is always an exciting prospect for any business! But sometimes it can also prove to be a stressful experience, akin to moving home! You will doubtless have figured out how to move your furniture and equipment over to the new premises.

But have you thought about the layout for your new office building? In general, when a company moves into new premises, they move into a bare shell. That is so tenants can divide the floors according to their needs.


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Keep each floor as open as possible

Have you ever noticed how some offices are full of rooms whereas others promote a more open environment? There have been many studies on this topic. The results from them show that open working environments are better for workers.

They help to increase productivity. And they ensure people are more aware of their surroundings. Let me give you a real-life example. I remember when I first got an office-based job, I worked at a place that had dividers between desks.

My neighbour opposite me spoke quite loud on the phone. Although he was a friendly guy, his speech volume was too loud when I wanted to work on something that needed my concentration!

One day my employer decided to have all the dividers taken down. After this got done, my work colleague was more aware of how loud he was on the phone! Myself and my immediate colleagues had a sigh of relief after that!

Make your kitchen area easy to clean

The biggest bugbear of any office is when some mysterious people leave dirty cups, plates and cutlery lying around. No-one knows whether this problem stems from forgetfulness or laziness.

But the good news is that there are some steps you can take to keep the kitchen area of your new office building clean! Laminate flooring makes it easy to clean up any spills or dirt. Stainless steel sinks and washing areas are also easier to clean.

If you decide to go for a metal-themed washing-up area, be sure to hire a good sheet metal fabrication company to help you out. The final tip is to have a dishwasher installed! No-one wants to do any washing up by hand. A dishwasher is quick to load, easy to use and even dries your items as well.

Create dedicated “quiet zones”

Sometimes you just need to go somewhere and work in seclusion. As you can imagine, an open plan office doesn’t help with this goal. To help combat this problem, consider constructing some quiet zones for your workers.

In a nutshell, these are rooms or booths with doors. They are like meeting rooms except smaller. You could get creative with these rooms and fit a red light outside the doors. That is akin to what recording studios use when people are singing or playing music!

Don’t forget the plants

Today’s final tip is to ensure you have a selection of plants located in your offices. The thing about plants is that they boost the morale of workers. They also look great too!



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