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Ways to Find Out if Business Management is the Right Job for You

BY Rebecca | 10 February, 2016 | no comments

Jobs descriptions for a manager will vary depending on the field, but there are several requirements that all managers share, no matter if they’re running a restaurant, a hotel, an autobody shop, or a retail clothing store.

All managers will generally need to have a background of a certain amount of knowledge and experience with a specialized trade such as marketing, operations or manufacturing. A manager must have technical skills, human relations skills, and have an ability to see various operations of a business and how they should be working together as a whole, conceptually.

Sounds like a lot of pressure, and it is. Many times, a person who should not be manager and does not have the correct set of skills gets the job. This can be detrimental to a company, as well as the employees working under that said manager. If you’re currently a manager, or are working towards being manager one day, here are things to consider in order to find out in management is the right job for you.

Define Your True Purpose

In any position, it’s important that you define why you want it in the first place. Do you want the pay increase? Do you want the power to boss people around? You need to address the reasons why you want to be a manager.

In today’s world, being a manager doesn’t mean you get to boss people around like the all seeing eye. The majority of managers today serve mostly as cheerleaders and encouragers to build up the team and kindly usher them in the proper direction.

Define Your Strengths

Many people who make good leaders do not make good managers. If you have a vision for a company and seek out the manager position to make that vision come to light, you will have little effect because that isn’t your job. You must know what your strengths are in order to truly find your place life.

In this case, the manager position you seek out might be a means to an end for you. You might want to look into some higher realms of office. If it’s meant to be, you’ll get there, so don’t create trouble on the way up, allow it to happen and allow your integrity and good attitude to carry you through to the top.

If you are good at negotiating and looking at networks of people and understanding how everyone will best work together for the purpose of the company, chances are good that you would make a great manager.

A good manager is also always looking for new ways to increase sales, production, and employee morale. If these examples are things you find yourself naturally doing, great! You have the potential to be an awesome manager.


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