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What do the different supermarkets offer in terms of sustainability and paper bags?

BY Rebecca | 28 August, 2019 | no comments

With the growing demand for products that improve our lives whilst simultaneously being good for the environment, many supermarkets and business across the UK are taking the step towards better sustainable packaging. This has created somewhat of a domino effect in the UK with supermarkets now matching each other in providing reusable paper bags. So which supermarkets officially supply paper bags? 



Morrison’s is one of the latest supermarkets to introduce paper bags in its shops to replace disposable plastic ones. It is attempting to reduce the amount of plastic it goes through storewide, and paper bags are its flagship initiative. 



Iceland has been in the news recently as it is now trialling paper bags throughout its stores nationwide. It has introduced a flat out ban on plastic bags in one store and this could spread to the rest of its UK operations. 

As with any of the initiatives, encouraging customers to bring their own reusable paper bags will help with reducing the strain on landfills. 



Tesco has recently taken a good step towards promoting paper bags in its stores with a ban on plastic bags in its home deliveries. Following a successful trial in shops around the country, the initiative could prevent millions of plastic bags from ending up in the landfill. Fortifying this effort with paper bags in store will help further reduce the disposal of plastic bags. 



Asda has started to take similar steps to Tesco to try and reduce its use of plastic bags. The store has stopped offering plastic on click and collect and home delivery orders as of the 31st of July 2019. This coupled with the company’s effort to reduce plastic from its own packaging will help reduce plastic in landfills. To help customers with the change, Asda delivery drivers will now offer to help unpack customers shopping. 


Sainsbury’s has recently removed single-use plastic from the fruit and vegetable aisle. This has helped encourage customers to bring their own paper bags to sort and organise their groceries. Paper bags are a good option here as they help protect fruits and veg without harming the environment. 


Should my retail business follow suit? 

You may be asking yourself whether your retail business needs to match the large supermarkets and their plastic pledges. The short answer is yes. Appearing environmentally conscious to customers will help you market to increasingly sustainable customers. 

Get in touch with an expert paper bag supplier to find the right option for your business packaging. This may be through reusable bags or disposable paper ones, or a combination of the two.


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