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What Does Your Business Fashion Style Say About You?

BY Rebecca | 11 January, 2016 | no comments

When you get ready to head to the office what do you were? What is the routine that you go through to get ready? What you show up in and what you do to get to that point of the business look you have may say something about you.

It may say that you are dedicated to your job more than the next person if you spend an hour getting ready for work, or it may just say that you are stuck on yourself. Not only does your fashion sense and style say something about you, but so does your attitude.

If You Are A Creative Individual

Maybe you like to wear vintage clothing, or maybe you make your own clothing, you are definitely a creative person. Creative people often have creative jobs and they like to do things out of the ordinary. Your creative fashion style, especially if you are sewing your own garments, show you enjoy having fun, but you also like to be in control.

Creative people don’t all look the same, but most of them have a style all their own. They don’t usually look like everyone else at work, and they like that. Even if you aren’t always creative, try inspiring the little you have with a new color of nail polish or a bright scarf.

If You Are A Workaholic

Workaholic are often the ones that look they were born in a business suit. Not all of them are like this, but there’s nothing wrong with it. You are dedicated to your work, and that can be both a good and a bad thing. Just because you enjoy your job doesn’t mean life should only be about work.

Take some time to change up your fashion when you are out of the office. Save the pant suits and the penny loafers for work, and switch to a sundress or jeans when you are at home or going out for the night. You’ll be amazed at the change in your attitude and mindset and you’ll feel more like you can stop thinking about work, for at least a minute.

If You Are Laid Back

Just because you don’t like to putting on a suit doesn’t make you a bad employee or even a bad boss. It just means that you are a more laid back kind of business person. While some people that are laid back at work may not get the job done, some of them just look like they aren’t.

Your laid back style can risk your job, depending on where you work. However, because of your style you may look for work that fits your style, like working in retail or working from home. If you work from home you can have the most laid back fashion style, your pajamas!


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