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Why Is Social Media So Important For Small Businesses?

BY Rebecca | 7 August, 2015 | no comments


Social media is important for every business in today’s modern business world. For small businesses, in particular, social media is vital. But why is it important? Why has its rise become so pronounced and so astronomic? Well, there are a multitude of reasons and below are just a few of those reasons. Hopefully, that makes social media a lot clearer because you cannot afford to miss out as a small business.

Drives Traffic

Your online presence is based on traffic to your site. If you have no traffic, you don’t have an online presence to be honest. It is that simple. With social media such as Facebook, you can drive consumers and potential customers to your website. Just with a few simple posts and messages, a whole range of people become aware of your company and your product.



Hits More Users

Marketing is about reaching as many people as possible. The classic marketing tools are the adverts on television or the billboard in the centre of town. However, they have their downfalls that social media can turn into a positive. The conventional marketing strategy is usually localised to a certain area. For example, a billboard or TV advert only reaches a small number of people. Social media opens up your audience because the internet is global. It is almost like Facebook and Twitter are specifically targeted at small businesses and bigger firms, which is ironic!


SEO is a separate marketing tool, and again it is incredibly important. Even though it is separate, they all work together and are directly linked. So, if you are bothered about SEO, as you should be, you need to understand how social media sites affect your ranking. Google and other search engines are increasingly integrating social media results into their algorithms. That means Facebook, Twitter and the like can increase sales and profit, as well as traffic. All of them are incredibly important.



Engaging With Customers

Back in the day, customers and businesses did not interact. Or, they hardly interacted unless the company wanted a look into their frame of mind. Nowadays, it would be inexplicable not to communicate with your customers, even if it has nothing to do with business. Why? Because it always has something to do with business! It might not look like business on the face it, but every positive interaction helps your branding. Customers start to realise you are a company they can trust, and they tell their friends. As a result, your reputation begins to increase all because of a couple of tweets.




The mobile revolution is already here and you need to adapt. Otherwise, you will die. Everything that is compatible with a mobile device is compatible with social media. Think about how you share content. Do you do it from the desktop version of Facebook? No, usually you do it from your phone while you are on the move.

Hopefully, now you see why social media is so important for any business. You cannot replicate the benefits of social media through many other mediums, which is why everyone is online.



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