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BY Rebecca | 24 February, 2015 | no comments

Are you a business wizard?  Owning a business today is not for the weak. You need to deal with skyrocketing expenses. If you are not careful, the bills can pile up and before you know it you are saying good-bye to your lifetime dream. Don’t let this happen! Do some strategic planning and make sure you satisfy all your customers. Doing so will make them loyal to your establishment 365 days. How can you do that? Keep reading…


The best way is to “show off” your establishment and capture the buying public. By that we mean LIGHT IT UP! Lights will not only help ‘brighten’ your workplace, but it will also make the place look fresh and cutting-edge. Worried about electric bills? Well, when you are investing everything you’ve got in a business you must learn some ‘tricks’ on how to save some money. Here is a simple yet effective tip: Use LED lights!


Why LED lights? Let us count the ways!


1. Incandescent lights can make your establishment look outdated and creepy. It can also jack up your electric bill. Commercial LED lights from Recoup Lighting can make your workplace look contemporary and chic at a lower cost. LED lights can also save electricity by 75 percent!


2. If you plan to open your business 24/7, LED lights is the best way to go. Incandescent bulbs can only give you around 2,000 hours while LED bulbs offer about 25,000 to 50,000 hours. LED bulbs at Eco Save do not only save electricity, but can also lessen your ‘change the bulb’ time.


3. Are you scared of the dark? It is irritating to wait for the fluorescent light to turn on, right? Using LED lights will save you a lot of time; just turn it on and you get instant brightness!


4. LED lights are safe because it produces less heat. Accidentally touching LED lights won’t be a problem for employees. Moreover, because of the less heat feature you can save on your air- conditioning bills too.


5. Be a responsible employer. Don’t just think of the money, the expenses or how to get your investment back. Being the company owner, you are not only responsible for the financial stability of the company; you are also responsible for the welfare of all your employees. Aside from fair pay, make sure you let them stay in a healthy workplace. LED lights do not contain toxic mercury making it safe to use inside offices or business establishments any time.


6. LED lights can give your company about 15 to 30 years of great service. Using only LED lights in your establishment is expensive, but you need to see ‘the bigger picture’; it is not just an ordinary investment, it is a worthwhile investment!


That’s it, six simple reasons why you should light up your establishment. Show off your business using LED lights and start listening to the sweet ‘Ka-ching!’ sound of the cash register. Whatever your business – school, restaurant, industrial, etc. – sometimes a simple change will take your establishment to the next level.




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